Stoz GmbH can look back on a nearly 100 years of company history. Founded in 1926 as a paint manufacturer in Jahnstrasse, Sindelfingen by Paul Stoz, the company developed into a modern industrial enterprise, whose core specialism today is the industrial production of wet coatings.

During the early years, traditional craft activities such as painting artworks or buildings were the main focus. After the company was taken over by Stoz’ son Gerhard in 1954, the business initially continued as a paint manufacturer. At the start of the 1960s a new production facility was built in Eyachstrasse in Sindelfingen, where the first contract coating orders were carried out.

In 1986 another factory was added in Rottenburg-Hailfingen, where industrial coating activities were further expanded. It was here that the first painting robot was put into service at the end of the 80s. A few years later the plant in Sindelfingen, which was located in the middle of a residential area, was closed because it no longer met the requirements for industrial coating. The company headquarters were then relocated to Hailfingen, and in 1999 the premises were significantly enlarged in a second construction phase. From then on the coating capacities were constantly expanded, especially through the addition of other robotic systems. For example in 2005 a large, fully automated coating plant for components of up to 2.7 m in length and high-quality wet coatings began operation.

In 2006 another generation of the family took over, and the company was reorganised by Michael Stoz as Stoz GmbH. Under the new management, significant steps were taken towards developing a modern industrial enterprise. To fulfil this, the areas of IT, automation technology and environmental protection were greatly expanded. Production in a paperless production process, wastewater-free pre-treatment and a comprehensive management system are today standard practices for the company.

In 2014, the third construction phase was completed, which today provides accommodation for the goods receiving and shipping divisions. From 2014 to 2016, a total of three new robotic coating systems began operation, on which more than 40,000 parts are now coated every day.

Since 2016, all solvent-containing exhausts have been cleaned using a thermal afterburning system and the resulting heat has been recovered as process heat. Since July 2017 the entire company has been certified according to the BImSchG (German Emissions Protection Act), making it ideally equipped for the future.