Under this brand name we offer you the products and processes of our pre-treatment technology with chemically applied layers.


Any finish is only as good as its pre-treatment.

Based on this maxim of coating technology, over the last few decades we have developed a whole range of processes and systems revolving around chemical pre-treatment for our customers.

No matter what metals or plastics you bring us – we have sophisticated and modern processes at our disposal to clean them and apply conversion coatings.

Under our brand name Lyma®, we create security for you as customer against imitations and plagiarism.

For the sake of the environment
All our procedures are water-based and environmentally friendly.
We have been successfully using Cr6-free procedures for many years now. Our systems are wastewater-free and emission-free.

Cleanliness, corrosion protection and adhesion
Three requirements that our pre-treatment systems fulfil at the highest level. Thanks to our fully automated systems, we are able to process piece goods or even barrel-plated goods.

The brand name guarantees proven quality
All our expertise in pre-treatment technology is available to you under the Lyma® brand name.