Services that extend beyond contract coating. We offer a wide range of additional services, and can handle the additional steps towards completing your product for you.

These include procuring raw materials directly from the manufacturer, as well as assembling individual parts or entire assemblies. And finally, we can also package your goods for you.

Procuring raw materials
In order to save on logistics and administration, we acquire your components directly from the manufacturer and then coat them on our premises. Our services include the purchasing, transport and warehousing of the goods. Thanks to the logistics companies we work with and our experience in international procurement, we’re your perfect partner.

We also can carry out the subsequent assembly of your components. This can include, among other things, applying sealing lips, anti-squeak tape and labels, or assembly work extending from screwing and bonding to complete component assembly. Preassembly, intermediate or final assembly can be implemented according to your specifications. And of course, you can also rely on our certifications here as well.

No matter which packaging units and sizes you need, whether as reusable or disposable packaging for the end customer, we can package your goods for you. You can then determine the type of packaging and the size of the packing in which your goods will be placed. We also support you in the development and procurement of suitable packaging.