From a customer request...

It all began when a customer asked us to develop a coating process for them that would guarantee a very high level of corrosion protection on heavily oiled lathed steel parts. That doesn’t sound particularly special, but in this case it was, since a pre-treatment in the usual sense couldn’t be carried out due to the component properties. So, in cooperation with a paint manufacturer, our technicians developed a process, with which we have now coated more than 14 million parts for this one customer.

This was the birth of EpoTec®.

... to the EpoTec® brand

Today, we offer a variety of products and processes offering a unique range of functions under this brand name.

These are high-performance coatings whose technical properties set them apart. They include anti-corrosion coatings, anti-friction coatings, antigraffiti coatings or slip-resistant coatings. Each of these systems is perfectly matched to its substrate. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the optics either.

EpoTec® coatings can be used in all sectors and industries. We will be happy to develop the right functional coating to suit your needs.