Taking on social obligations is part of our forward-looking corporate philosophy

As a medium-sized family business that has existed for over 90 years, we are firmly convinced that our contribution to society should be much more than just providing coatings on a contract basis.
Our guidelines on corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility define our expected corporate conduct, social commitment and responsibility towards all sectors and stakeholders in society.

This Code of Conduct includes:

  • how our management and executives should exercise their responsibilities,
  • how we treat our employees and colleagues,
  • the conduct our customers can expect from us,
  • how we deal with our suppliers and
  • how we interact with our community, the environment and our global responsibilities.

Each manager and each individual employee is responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with this code. The conduct of our managers fulfils the role of an example, because they live these principles of conduct and promote them in each and every situation.

Human rights

We respect and promote the dignity of every human being and are committed to protecting and complying with international human rights. It goes almost without saying that we do not use child labour and reject all other forms of forced labour.
We do not tolerate any working conditions that conflict with international or local laws and practices.

We do not exercise any form of discrimination in our recruitment, remuneration, vocational education, promotion, redundancy or pension arrangements on grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, age, marital status, religion or belief, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, membership of a union or membership of a political party and, of course, we also expect our employees to proactively work against any such discrimination accordingly. Freedom of association and collective bargaining Stoz GmbH respects the rights of all employees and associations or organisations of their choice for the purpose of promoting and protecting their interests.

Disciplinary measures
We are vehemently opposed to the use of any corporal punishment, mental or physical compulsion, or verbal abuse.

Motivation and training of employees
We consider motivated employees who identify with the goals of our company to be a key success factor. To this end we concentrate on job-related training that can be used in-house, as well as the development and promotion of future leadership potential.

Health and safety
The health and safety of our employees is protected to the highest degree through the provision of a healthy and safe working environment. By complying with our company's safety regulations, every single person contributes towards ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Compliance with antitrust and competition rules
With our high quality products, innovative solutions and reliability we consider ourselves to be open and fair towards our competitors. Hence we completely desist from engaging in any unlawful and/or criminal practices, such as bidding agreements, that in any way exclude, distort or restrict competition.

Protection of assets and secrecy
Every individual is expected to protect the material and immaterial assets of the company, to ensure the confidential treatment of operational and business secrets and customer-related business information, and to comply with the applicable principles for protecting data.

We place high expectations on our suppliers and require them to apply the same strict principles when conducting their business as we apply ourselves, especially regarding the treatment of their employees. As an importer we pay particular attention to the precise description and classification of goods and raw materials, the precise indication of their value and the country of origin. In this procedure we expressly comply with local customs/import laws and the regulations and procedures of state authorities.

Environment and recycling
As a company operating in the paints and coatings sector, our main focus is on nature preservation. State-of-the-art equipment is used to protect our environment. Every employee makes their own contribution to ensure that high-quality products are produced that minimise damage on the environment. By recycling all solvent-containing exhaust flows we contribute to protecting the environment while at the same time acquiring resources for generating energy.

Corporate social responsibility
We expressly live up to our responsibilities as citizens of the communities in which we live, maintaining our business and committing ourselves to an open communication with all the relevant authorities, as well as social and public interest groups. We support humanitarian organisations, animal and nature conservation societies and local clubs and organisations. Furthermore, we also take responsibility for children and young people from developing and emerging countries by directly providing sponsorship programmes.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct described above has been approved by the management and brought to the attention of all employees. While carrying out their duties, our staff comply with this Code without exception. Questions regarding its application or interpretation as well as reports of potential violations are forwarded to the relevant supervisor. Procedures, practices or actions that contradict this Code must be rectified and involve disciplinary consequences.